Replace eq3 trv's with Tuya Zigbee - advice on models?

Hello All!
I have old 868Mhz eq3 TRV units and due the “fuel prices” I want to upgrade my whole house ~ 13 radiators - probably zigbee to run on tuya/home assistant.

I would like advice on:

  • which of the TRV models to buy (Amazon to try, Aliexpress for bulk)
  • can I control the TRV actuator (%) via a separate temperature sensor + home assistant - not using the internal temp sensor - but instead a more accurate room sensor

I am a firmware engineer by profession - happy to contribute to open source if its C/C++/Python code!

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Looking into the same. Aqara has new radiator zigbee controllers, I’m curious about them but would prefer a lower price point. If you are using zigbee2mqtt can’t you find out in the devbuild what sort of values they make available in ha with the tuya trv’s?

I am curious if you found something. I want also replace some TRV´s from max because the support is stopped. Want also a room thermostat for control. Only problem is that i am not an firmware engineer so it should be a little more ready to go. :wink:

But i am curioius if tou have found something. I has buyed a year ago a Moes TS0601 Tuya TRV but didn´t get an external thermostat working with it. But it´s supported by Zigbee2MQTT and here is some more info: TuYa TS0601_thermostat control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT