Replace LED driver in Amico 5CCT Recessed Ceiling Light?

I purchased 24 of these Recessed Ceiling Lights a few months ago before I got into messing around with Home Assistant but never got around to installing them. Now, it’s too late to return them and I’m looking to install them but was wondering if it would be possible to replace the LED drivers that come with the lights to control them through Home Assistant as well as be able to change the color temperature remotely. I know I can put them and put in a smart dimmer, but this wouldn’t give any color temperature control.

I’m using Zigbee2MQTT for a lot of my lights so a Zigbee driver would be ideal.

I see three options.

1.) Install them as is and put them on a smart dimmer switch but have no control over color temp (which is a shame because the LEDs are built to change color temp but the limiting factor is the LED driver.)

2.) Find a replacement LED driver that would allow me to control each light’s color temp.

3.) Try to sell them and purchase a recessed downlight with Zigbee or at lease WiFi built into the fixture so it works out of the box.

I tore down one of the LED drivers to see what was inside and here’s what I found.


Just bought these lights and was also wondering if the LED driver could be replaced - any update here?

That is a VERY primitive (and cheap) LED driver. Triacs? For DC?

I would scrap the PCB altogether. What is inside the LED fixture? What LEDs are used? How are they wired?

The output of the PCB says “62-80V 150mA”. This is a strong indication that there are probably 100 LEDs wired in series.

So crack one open and lets see what’s inside.

So, here is what I would do.

Open the housing, remove the 2-color LED strip and replace it with a WS2812 LED strip. You can re-use the three wire cable already on the fixture). My personal preference is to use 12V strips. You can buy a controller from Athom that is already flashed with ESPHome.

Here’s the cool part [pun intended]. You can control any RGB color you want from Home Assistant. Even patterns if you want to go psychedelic. Also you can put all the fixtures in parallel to a single controller up to a total of 16 Amps (though I would derate the controller by half, but 8 Amps is still a LOT of light).

Sorry to hijack this thread. Any suggestions to get a ZigBee led driver similar to this to hook with HA? Or a WiFi driver. This is a celining chandelier with 9 LED clusters. It is a RF remote with which I can control brightness and colour temperature. Currently it is connected to a ZigBee on/off wall switch.