Replace NTC thermistor with something smart


I have searched a bit but don´t find anything good:/ I have a heat pump in my home and it has a wired temp sensor (NTC thermistor 4,7k ohm) and then the sensor is located in a room in my home. I would like to exchanged this with something smart as I have temp sensors all over my home and make a average temp instead of just one room like the wired sensor do. I was thinking that people would do this all the time and use a rasp/ESP chip/arduino (MQTT to HA) and hook it up to something that can mimic a NTC thermistor, but I don´t find any good guide for this. (It may be that I´m crap to search)

So do anyone know about any cheep/good solution?


Surprised no one have done this…I was expecting a lot of comments etc:(