Replace Primary Controller with Aeotec Gen5 currently set as Secondary Controller

I have a house of about 35 devices (light dimmers in hard to reach places, wall switches and thermostats), all connected to a primary controller that is now out of production and the support is ending.
Therefore, I would like to switch the devices to a Raspberry Pi 3 with Aeotec Z-stick Gen5 that I just connected to the network as secondary controller.

Will there in any way be possible to remove the primary controller and change the Z-stick to primary? I have been told it is not possible and that I have to remove and re-add, re-configure and re-group all devices in order to make the switch. This would represent a lot of work and risk for me, being a total noob. Given all the options, functions, add-ons and scrips HA has to offer, I keep my fingers crossed there is a simpler solutions. Everything looks so promising and smooth in HA, I only need this last piece of the puzzle.

Any help would be highly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

This is mostly going to revolve around what kind of controller you are currently using. Controllers based on Silicon Labs’ Zwave 500 and 700 chipsets can be backed up (Save the contents of the Non-Volitile RAM (NVR)) and transplanted to a different stick but your source and destination sticks need to both have at least a SL 500 series chipset. (ZWave JS recently added the ability to even down convert 700 > 500 in the rare chance you need it)

If it’s anything else you’ll likely need to do a complete rebuild. (I recently came from SmartThings, I moved 84 devices by hand- it sucked, I feel you.)

IF you can get the NVR from your existing stick, with the contents of the NVR properly transferred to a new stick (Like your Aeotec 5) and the existing ZWave security keys, it’s an easy move. If you don’t have the keys or can’t backup NVR from your existing solution (Because it’s using something older than a 500 chip or a third party solution like ST or Hubitat) you’re doing it the hard way.

So what is your existing controller?

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Okay, now my lack of technical knowledge is really gonna be apparent. I think I have successfully created a backup of from the existing primary controller (Smartly gateway) by using Zstick Gen5 Backup software, after adding the Zstick as secondary controller in the network. I then restored the backup (bin-file) in HomeAssistant, and everything looks great; nodes with configurations and groups. The Smartly gateway is listed as node 1 and the Z-stick as node 79, all other devices in between. So, is there an easy fix for setting node 79 as primary? The primary node needs to be removed from the network, for various reasons, you see.

Youll have to describe exactly how you did this.

If its done correctly then the node 1 should switch to the new controller. HitnI don’t know how you did all this so i have no clue what to expect.

Well, I finally wrote to Aeotec support and they tell me it all boils down to whether the primary controller supports a “controller shift” or not, and unfortunately it does not. This is the description they gave me, if anyone else needs it:

  1. Controller shift primary role to Z-Stick Gen5

  2. Create a backup of the Z-Stick Gen5 just in case to have a recovery method:

How to use Z-Stick Gen5 backup software (Backup, and Restore).

​3. Unpair the Smartly gateway

  1. Pair back the Smartly gateway

​5. Controller shift the primary role back to Smartly (this should open up Node ID 01 slot)

  1. Now unpair and re-pair the Z-Stick Gen5 until it becomes Node ID 01

  2. Once Z-Stick Gen5 is Node ID 01, controller shift the primary role from Smartly to Z-Stick Gen5

  3. Then perform another backup if everything is working accordingly.

This is the only way i can think of but only if Smartly allows this type of function to controller shift the primary role.

I am now trying to add the devices one by one, thanks for your efforts! :slight_smile:

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