Replace Status-Text

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a way to replace the status for a climate control. If the target temperature equals 4.5 degrees, I’d like to see ‘off’ instead of the value. The card I’m using is the great ‘multiple-entity-row’ card.

I’ve tried to add an extra attribute by adding these lines to my configuration.yaml, so I can show that attribute instead of the value in this case:

Customize entities matching a pattern

user_attr1: off

Sadly, it’s not working. I’m looking for a way that doesn’t require me to define like 10 sensors for all the heating units.

Any help or thoughts are appreciated!

  1. Format you code properly - otherwise it is unclear what code you tried to use.
  2. This code will add a custom attribute to some sensors:
      user_attr1: off

But note that this attribute is a STRING, not a binary value.