Replace/Update Person Component for Composite Tracker (Custom Component)

First thank you to the developers for this platform. I want to put this request for consideration as reading the forum I believe a significant number of users express a similar view.

I used the composite device tracker custom component ( for maybe 6 months until the Person native component was introduced. I then switched to the Person component; I’ve used it since it’s introduction and in plain terms it just doesn’t work well.
The device tracker functionality in the Person component is unstable; devices jump in and out of zones without moving or even jump to zones that may be a mile a away. I appreciate all the complications and limitations of this application and I dont have the knowledge to challenge it.

However, I decided to go back to the composite tracker custom component and the reality is that it just works and works well. None of the zone jumping. Phil Bruckner (pnbruckner) has been tweaking this component for a long time now and it’s at a point it works well.

So my request is to adopt his improvements into the Person component or replace it all together with his.

I agree with you and I agree that you are probably right that “a significant number of users express a similar view”.

However, I believe it would be pretty much up to pnbruckner to put in the work and effort* in order to have this adopted as an official component.

*And I am no expert in these things but from what I can gather it is no small undertaking to get something included in the core HA.

@klogg I am no expert either and agree that it is up to the developer to decide whether he/she can devote the time or not. That’s why my initial suggestion is for the Person component to adopt the much better composite tracker functionality.

I read the threads on pnbruckner efforts to integrate life360 and doubt very much he’d have an appetite for this again.

Regardless, my intention was mainly exposing the shortcomings of Person component and maybe elicit interest for its developer to look at how the other component works.

In the end it’s a request, it may or may not get considered, but this is the correct platform for it.

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I have not tried the “Composite Tracker”, I have however created (somewhat complex) template sensors for persons in my house.
I have tracked the person component side by side to my sensors and found it not reliable.
I haven’t studied it or tried to understand what’s failing in it as my own sensor works well.