Replacement/alternative to TP-Link HS110 energy monitoring outlets?

I am interested in adding some power/energy monitoring to a few devices in my home assistant setup.

I see the traditional TP-Link (Kasa) HS110 are scarce. they are even listed as End-Of-Life on kasa’s website (

I see a lot of other brands such as topgreener, BN_link, etc… and apparently some of these can be used with tuya-convert to get them to work with home assistant.

Are any of these others reliable? anyone like em?
I just need the energy monitor, I do not need to switch them on/off if that opens any options

my main fear is getting a cheap chinesium one where the relay is not to spec and it melt/catches fire, which is why I thought a non-switching one would be good, why have the feature to fail if I don’t need it.

thanks for any input!

Not helpful to OP, but I am also looking for a Wi-Fi energy monitoring smart plug that can be controlled locally via Home Assistant just like the HS110. Would be grateful for suggestions.

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I’m using some Gosund SP111 flashed with Tasmota for some devices and for now they are working pretty well.

do you pull much current thru them? I want to use it for 10amps, most are rated 15amps, but almost every model I find, I can also find pictures of one on amazon that burned up or caught on fire.

the only thing I can find that seems to actually be 15a or 1800w is the Currant, but it looks like no home assisstant support yet as Currant is trying to build a cloud biz.

I use them mostly for some led lights and 2 monitors.

The device with the highest current is the dishwasher which goes up to 2500W for a short period of time. That is ~1000W less than the maximum and I haven’t had problems with that.

In that case I wouldn’t use those switches as you don’t know if / when the support is discontinued or something else doesn’t work as planned.

+1 for Gosund. I’m in the UK, and the model number is UP111-4-UK. They’re rated at 13A, like our normal sockets. I’ve Tasmotised them, and they work effortlessly with HA.

I have an HS110 hooked up to my hot tub which pulls 1150 watts (9.6 A) while heating and 1230 watts (10.25 A) while heating and blowing bubbles. Never had an issue with it.

You may want to look at an alternate way for monitoring the circuit. One was is from the circuit panel using a current monitor such as IoTaWatt. It’s open source so you can build your own or buy it already assembled. I’ve been following the project since the beginning and it’s very well done.

Another is using a single circuit current monitor such as a PZEM-004T or similar PZEM device with the serial interface . There’s a newer version called the PZEM-004T V3. They have a TTL serial data communication interface so you can connect it to an ESP8266 or an ESP32 and use ESPHome (ESPHome V3 Link) to directly interface with HA.

Here are some examples of creating a custom outlet with the PZEM-0xx Examples.

I forgot to mention that esphome can interface directly with a CT Sensor/Clamp but you have to make your own circuit and the ct sensors cost at least as much as the PZEM-004T which comes with a ct sensor already.

+1 for gosund, or 2NICE as they are the same. I have seral of both flashed with Tasmota. All bought from Amazon UK.
Only problem I’ve found with most of these smart plugs is they can overlap the socket on off switch on some sockets. I have metal sockets in my garage and one the smart plug is plugged in you can’t switch of the socket (not a major problem)
The best smart plugs flashable with Tuya Convert I found that had high Amp rating and didn’t interfere with any socket switches were these

and these

But cant get hold of them anymore
Just done a search on Amazon before posting this and they are available again

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I guess I should of mentioned I was looking for 120v US devices : )

I ended up finding a few tp-link HS110’s on ebay. it seems like if they are posted for a buy it now, people want crazy money like $60-$85.

however if you just let the auction run it’s course they end in the $20-$35 area which is much more reasonable and close to where these things were when new.

I should also mention I use the python client to set these up, no cloud needed, so it is not a big deal if they are used and have a cloud user/password set. so far the ones I bought still had the previous owners gmail address in them for cloud access, but a


followed by a netif command wipes that right now.

thanks again for all the help! I am going to continue with tplink HS110’s for now, and hopefully soon, shelly or someone will make some nice quality US plugs for us. Or maybe Currant will open up an api or someone will find a way to control them locally.

Shelly now makes a US version of their smart plugs with energy monitoring

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Awesome! I’ll have to grab a few to try out – have you used them yet? Did you notice if they are UL Listed? I like to think that Shelly makes good stuff, but I just hate it when I look at smart switch reviews on amazon, then you see a customer pic of one that caught on fire.

I have not tried them yet, but I am going to order a couple. They are only $11.90. I’ll have to pay shipping from their store since it is not available on Amazon but total cost for a couple will still be very reasonable. I doubt they are UL listed because I didn’t see anything about that in there info, but I don’t know for sure. I have a few Shelly one relays that aren’t UL listed and they’ve all been fine. At first they didn’t make a UL listed version of the Shelly ones but now it is an option, for a little more cost. I wouldn’t be surprised if these plugs go the same route.

Have a look at Shelly. Fully supported and sell a raft of products. I’m using a Shelly EM (energy monitor) unit with two clamps in my main power board in the house. Initially I had the heatpump and spa circuits monitored. Once I knew their typical usage and patterns I’m now monitoring hot water with one clamp and rest of house with the other.

They have smart relay switches with power monitoring too that you install behind the power outlet.