Replacement for AIO


Below is a bit long winded. The short version is - has anyone found a good replacement for the AIO method in using stretch lite? and if you have do you mind sharing how or linking to the resources you used?

After a lot of trial and error I’ve been using the AIO on jessie lite on my rp3 for a while and am very happy with it. I’ve tried to do the update process to stretch lite to us python 3.5 but it came back with errors.

I decided to try a fresh install of stretch lite and manually install HA. I ended up getting errors with this spent a while trying to get it up running but continued to get errors after installing the virtual environment. Frustration got the better if me and I decided to try That was an easy set up but no ozwcp, having issues setting up mosquitto with tls, no winscp and when I made an error I couldn’t use putty to reboot easily means another long learning process I don’t want to have to go through. I spent the day on this and am back to using a backup image of my older version for now. Any help/suggestions appreciated.

The closest approach is Hassbian - which is basically Stretch Lite with HA pre-installed.

Also, there is no need at all for OZWCP. Home Assistant has had a built in Z-Wave control panel for many months now (under Configuration), that does everything OZWCP does.

I tried hassbian earlier on and had a few problems so I hadn’t considered it but I’ll try it again.

I suggested the docker installation to someone the other day, but they couldn’t get it to work.

You wouldn’t need a new SD card, so it might be worth a try for you.

I think I will try docker. I have just tried hassbian but it seems my wemo/zwave/amcrest cameras aren’t working with it. Cheers