Replacement magnets for Xiaomi Door/Window sensors

I have about 5 of these sensors and after a 20,000 km move I have lost all the magnets (The smaller part to the right). Maybe they stuck to something? :roll_eyes:

I know I can just stick a small magnet next to the sensor but I am looking for ideas for something a bit nicer aesthetically.


Any ideas would be welcome!

Something like this perhaps?
Rectangular Neodymium Magnets Countersunk Hole Counter Bore With Mounting Screws for sale online | eBay

Thanks for the idea. I will give something similar a try, I think ideally I would find similar magnets but with a white plastic outer.

3d printer?

Or mount 'em like this Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window sensor HIDDEN INSTALL

There are some small rare earth magnets I used in past that may be even better

They are about 5mm wide
I’m sure you can find in Amazon

You can also use the magnet part of a reed switch, you can find them anywhere…

Well it is a reed switch

Thanks for all your inputs. I have purchased these magnets. I think they should be fine. I might also need to buy a 3d printer “Just to print cases for them” :slight_smile:

I also lost the small magnets on some of my sensors. Did the magnets you purchased work well? I’ll probably buy them too. Thanks


Sorry for the slow response.
The magnets are pretty good but if I bought them again I would go for something slightly bigger.