Replacement Router

I have the Amplifi HD, which does faiirly well managing ~100 devices, but I plan to expand. Even with 2 extenders I have some weak spots in my home. I tried the TP Link Deco XE5300 (3 units) and the signals were great. Problem is the software sucks. I’d appreciate a recommendation for a mesh network comparable to the Deco with better software. Also, before I change am I correct in saying I should assign static IPs for my smart devices? Thanks and best regards.

Have you considered ubiquity. You can then place AP where you need them. I have edgemax pro router, 2 ubiquity switches, and 3 access points. I run 4 subnets and 3 wireless networks. It is controlled via local website.

This will not be cheap - about $1200 for UDP-pro, switches, and three access points. The access points (AP) are POE and lately don’t come with injectors. If everything is wireless you can skip the switches but will need to buy injectors.

The ubiquity will allow you to keep dhcp and static /IP map the mac addresses.

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Look at Fritz!Box. I do use their routers already more than 15 years. They never let me down.

A WiFi mesh with two of their repeaters and a router is here now running for two and half years with not one error, counting 120 device’s.

The software is powerful, yet very easy to use.

I have a similar setup to J Gent.

Edgerouter X (cheap but very good), Ubiquiti 48 port PoE switch, 3x Ubiquiti AP Lites, and one outdoor AP.

Probably the most difficult device to manage is the Edgerouter. I managed to get it to automatically fail-over to a cellular modem when my fibre goes down just by using the built in wizards but I had to resort to the command line to get it to swap back automatically when the fibre comes back up.