Replacement table lamp three way socket as edge switch?

It seems somewhat obvious that it would be ideal to have a standard three way bulb in a table lamp, and the socket for the bulb also be smart in that it can act like an edge switch and connect natively via WiFi to home assistant like for example a Shelly Relay.

Does such a thing exist? Not something that goes in between the bulb and the socket, or a smart plug, both of which are useless if the lamp is switched off at the socket? With the above edge arrangement that is no longer an issue…

There could be two flavors, one socket type that requires only a ground and one that does not - as most table lamps in the USA are a wire with two leads.

And we shouldn’t have to say “but you need a ground or a neutral” - if there is power coming through two wires, and that is enough juice to power a light bulb, surely the same power can be used to also power everything else within the socket that is needed - am I far off here, why is that impossible?

Any ideas?

Hi, you mean something like this: : smart light bulb socket

None of those have any physical switch on them for someone sitting next to the lamp. And, if the lamp switch is off, how do you control the light remotely? An edge switch would resolve the issue - unless the link was pointing at something I did not see?

Sorry, misunderstood what you are looking for and still it’s not clear to me. :blush:

It replaces a regular table lamp socket, doesn’t install on top of it. Includes a switch for manual operation. Also connects with WiFi. Can be turned on or off remotely as well, regardless of whether it is turned on or off manually.

The problem may be your wording. I for one do not understand these terms

[quote=“KruseLuds, post:1, topic:578146”] standard three way bulb

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An old fashioned wall switch - turning the light on or off - even if the switch is turned off, so the circuit is physically disconnected - you can remotely turn the light on anyway (in that case you had used a Shelly Relay to set the physical switch into an “edge” switch)! So if the person then turns the switch to the off position, the lights which were already off, would go on. It doesn’t matter anymore the position of the switch in this case - whatever state the light is in, when the switch state is changed only once, the light changes to the other state. The way this is possible, there is a Shelley relay behind the wall switch (the switch wires are attached to the Shelly relay instead), and the wires to the light are also attached to the Shelly relay instead of the switch. It’s pretty incredible. End result is, the switch always works, and doing it remotely also works, without the two concepts conflicting.

So that same concept can be used with a table lamp light socket, to have the relay circuitry within the old fashioned looking table light switch socket itself - so “traditionalists” that hate automation would not be annoyed because twisting the little light socket switch would just turn the light on or off anyway… Using just a smart plug messes that up - if it is off, people cannot turn the light on by turning it on at the lamp - and if the light socket is turned off, remotely turning the smart plug on still doesn’t turn the light on. Even worse, if someone thinks they are turning the light on at the socket but the smart plug is off and the socket is switched on, they are actually turning the light off, so if you then turn the smart plug on, you have to tell them to try turning the light on AGAIN to actually turn it on.

For a wife that does not like automation, and you are working on getting automation set up within the home and it doesn’t work flawlessly, the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) is not only very low going into negative territory, but worse than that -

The only wifi light bulb socket switch for a table lamp I can find for sale are ones that screw into the old socket instead, so you have the same problem as you do with a smart wall plug. Even if you get a lamp socket that doesn’t have a switch and screw the smart wifi bulb socket into that, many of these units don’t even have a physical switch on them… Ugh!

So that’s what I’m looking for - a smart replacement, not an add-on… I tried to work through doing it myself within the base of a lamp with a relay in the base of the lamp, but in that case you are forced to replace the wire to the outlet as well, at the very minimum to include the ground wire… but also, many table lamp bases are not big enough. So you could then put the relay at the plug, but for this to work you then need a table lamp electrical cord with four leads - two for the bulb and two for the switch… - argh!


I understand what you are after now, thanks. I myself would try and fit a shelly or similar into the lamp base. You do not need an earth for the shelly.

What about smart bulbs with a wireless remote button?

If I understood correctly, I think the 1970s/1980s technology called X10 does what you want, using “local control”.

The downside is that X10 PLC signals often get interference from modern electronics. For a table lamp however, you could use an RF remote and RF transceiver and just plug the table lamp into it, thus avoiding any PLC issues.

Not that I would necessarily recommend investing into X10 in 2023, but the technology is around and probably very cheap on ebay/craiglist.

If the person turns off the lamp with the old fashioned switch, then how do you turn it on remotely then? And does that integrate with home assistant? Not sure I understand how that would help, but thanks for mentioning it…