Replacement unit for defect Tellstick Duo 433 Mhz gateway

It’s seems like my tusty Tellstick Duo has decided to stop working, it still sends out signals but it’s not receiving input from sensors.

I already have a Z-Wave gateway, the plan is to move away from 433 in the future but it’s costly so it will happen over time.

I’m looking for a gatewat that can can read inputs, and that is compatible with HA, Tellstick Zlite V2 is an option, still it has more functions than i need, if there’s a cheaper alternative I’m all ears, external antenna option is most likely needed.

I built one using a wemos d1 mini

and an rf transmitter and receiver

Running tasmota

Interresting, is it straight forward, just solder and flash with available software?

Doesn’t even really require soldering, although that would be better. I have mine setup using dupont wires and stuffed in a little plastic project box with a hole for the usb cable. It is running the mlatest version of Tasmota and works great.

If I understand you correctly, would you be looking for an antenna which would be able to send and receive data from 433 MHz devices.

I’m using a RFXCOM antenna which connects the though USB.

migrated from Telldus for four years ago to HA