Replacing docker with podman

I would like to suggest switching from docker to podman. Why? Reasons for podman can be read on Basically, its damonless and integrates more smoothly with linux se capabilties.
from a commandline POV, its more or less a drop in replacement (running/stopping/building a container). From an interaction of different containers its already closer to the kubernetes way (every container is bound to localhost, just the ports differ compared against docker, where you use names+port).
Another reason would be the maintenance of podman as a package of basically each linux distrib instead of using an additional source from somewhere (
Maybe even usable with cockpit and cockpit-podman to give an user the chance to even run non-hassio containers on the same server?


Hello, did we can use Home-Assistant with podman?



Bit late but I was hit this when reading about dockerise my installation


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