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Replacing light switches with 3.5" pi screens


Im looking into creating a small dashboard with a couple buttons that pertain to whatever room it is in. Im curious if anyone has tried this or attempted to make a dashboard this small? its a 3.5" screen that would fit in standard light switch and then use an open face cover.

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I haven’t used one yet, I think I’ll get one to give it a go now that you’ve mentioned it.

I’ve used the official touchscreen alright, and just in case here’s a link with some tips about rotating the screen and having the touch sensing line up:

The code might be different for the smaller screen, might be useful either way.


awesome. yea i got the screen rotated, but i need to leave it in portrait. i was planning on just using a full screen browser something like…

| {light 1} |
| {light 2} |
| {sonos} |
| {tv channel} |
| and so on…

im playing around ill keep you updated, let me know if you end up getting something goin too.


i have a simular screen, and had a dashboard running on it.
there is actually no difference with any other dashboard.
you open a browser, open the dashboard and set it to full screen.

the only difference is that you dont want to have a (120x120) widget, because thats useles.
i had a screenwidth from 1024 pixels and wanted 4 widgets, so i used (250x250)
off course you then have to adjust iconsizes etc.

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Check out this. It is a long post but the github link is in the quick links.

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