Replacing Telldus Tellsick Net

I’m looking for information on how to replace my Tellsick.Net and my Telldus service. I have quite a big investment in 433 switches from various brands and my plan so far is to buy one or two Wi-Fi 433 bridge, but how to find all the codes and will I even be able to find codes for all my switches

The best would be if it’s possible to install custom FW on the Tellsick.Net device

Hi. Perhaps this is a way to go: GitHub - quazzie/tellstick-plugin-mqtt-hass: Plugin for tellstick, connect to homeassistant via mqtt with autodiscovery. My Tellstick already accepted uploading plugins, I have the latest version firmware.

Thanks. But it looks like this only exists on Tellstick ZNet and I have a Tellstick Net. I port scanned my Tellstick Net, but not a single inbound port was open