Replacing Telldus Tellsick Net

I’m looking for information on how to replace my Tellsick.Net and my Telldus service. I have quite a big investment in 433 switches from various brands and my plan so far is to buy one or two Wi-Fi 433 bridge, but how to find all the codes and will I even be able to find codes for all my switches

The best would be if it’s possible to install custom FW on the Tellsick.Net device

Hi. Perhaps this is a way to go: GitHub - quazzie/tellstick-plugin-mqtt-hass: Plugin for tellstick, connect to homeassistant via mqtt with autodiscovery. My Tellstick already accepted uploading plugins, I have the latest version firmware.

Thanks. But it looks like this only exists on Tellstick ZNet and I have a Tellstick Net. I port scanned my Tellstick Net, but not a single inbound port was open

I have the same issue now, since Telldus is charging for API-access starting later this month (april 2023).

Read something about using the SunOff Bridge 2(?) to controll other 433MHz devices, but not sure if it works with Nexa/Telldus selflearning devices? Or if it involves reprogramming the SunOff Bridge-thingy??

I have bought a Sonoff RF Bridge. The version I got was a R2 V2. Using the original FW I was only able to control ~25% of the switches so I decided to flash with custom FW. I tried to flash with RFLink and that worked great for detecting but can’t be used for controlling. I also needed to do the HW modification by cutting 3 wires and soldering two resisters. As I can understand this modification is needed for all custom FW on the R2 V2 version.

Since RFLink didn’t support transmitting I’m now aiming for either ESPHOME or Tasmota even though they don’t seem to be like as easy where it comes to handling the codes

I also have an old Tellstick Net and it would be great if it could be accessed locally now that you have to pay for the cloud API. I noticed that the firmware source code seems to be available at GitHub - telldus/tellstick-net: The firmware for Telldus TellStick Net. There is an example python client script, “”, which indicates that local access is possible, and if so it should be possible to run it locally from HA.
I also managed to upgrade the firmware to v17, found
So far I’ve had no success accessing it and I don’t have time to dig deeper into this, so if there is a reasonably cheap and easy replacement for the Tellstick, I’d be interested.