Repository: Balloob's experiments

This is a repository that contains some experiments for add-ons that I played with. Goal of the repository is to show what is possible.

Requires supervisor 0.26+ because that one enabled local builds for add-on repositories.

To add to your installation, follow these instructions to add repository

Available experiments:


is it posible to add things from openhab in automations with this Add-on ore intergrate with it on other ways ? or is it limittet with a iframe?

Can openhab be configurated so it in someway get its device information from hassio so openhab only is a gui client but all device configurations is setup inside hassio config file, so all hassio plugins information shows up in openhab like my Philips hue and ikea tradfri

Is it possible to update this to OpenHAB 2.2? It works up to 2.1 but any later than that results in the same error mentioned in this issue: Based on that, it seems like it needs to be run with the “-t” option. Do addons get run with that option or is there a way to make them run with that option?

This is just an experiment. I’m not maintaining it. Feel free to fork it and improve it.

Can you point us in the right direction? for the life of me I can’t even see how to get docker-compose installed on the hassio image. I have access to the resin install and can run the image manually and can confirm it works, but not sure how to “set” the tty flag via the docker image to run on boot.

This project is exactly what i’m looking for… to hopefully utilize openhab for specific items and hass for others, while hopefully sharing the same z-wave stick.

All the source code that I used is in the repository:

There is no docker-compose. Read the docs for info on add-ons