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Thanks for the suggestions. I will add them to the poll as soon as one of the current add-ons in the poll has been created.

Smartthings MQTT bridge implementation. I like this, but I haven’t figured out if I can get it working yet or not…

Another vote for getting tellstick duo to work. Only thing stopping me from using this exclusively (y)

Could anyone make a Profibus or Profinet add on?
This could be a very cheap data historian!

Hey guys as I’m not a programmer but a privacy freak I keep everything internal and would need something or better exactly this running

But I dunno how to build an admin with this

Note that this needs python 2.7 as I got errors with pyrhon3 but with venv it should work but as I said I don’t know how to archive this. Is here someone who could build an adding for this?

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Now if my Home assistant address is with duckdns and also letsencrypt will it still work?

@Dayve67 Yes that would work. Just remember to use https:// in the configured URL.

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Perfect that worked. Just had a problem with my password. json dont like characters in the password.
Thank you

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I still have 1.0.3 installed. How do i trigger the update?

@Maaniac Just go to the add-on “store”, in the top right, hit the refresh button. Wait a couple of seconds and the update will pop-up!

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Saw someone on twitter suggested Floorplan.
I’d like that one too.

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You mean the custom floorplan by @pkozul?
If so I can confirm it works great with hassio already…

You just need to create a www dir in your config dir. All the custom stuff goes in there.
Using the samba addon helps.

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I’ve received the suggestion multiple times already.

Agreed. Nevertheless, I could be a run-once add-on that does this for you?

Yes, but at top of this thread you want us to suggest things that is not in the poll, and i could not see anyone in this thread have suggested it before.

It’s a nice idea - I never really thought about using a run-once add-on to install. I will keep this in mind :slight_smile:
You’d need to be careful that running a second time by mistake does not trash modified files… and with floorplan there is likely to be modified files. Its not a simple as install the custom files and dropping in a SVG of the floorplan.

I already have logic for that kind of stuff, so that is not really a problem.

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