Repository missing? Where is supervisor?


I am so sorry to be a NOOB, I am new to home assistant, and just installed Home Assistant 2023.6.1 on my QNAP via container station. It seems to be working, I can connect to IoT devices and input in addon’s through the GUI. However, now I would like to install an addon that requires me to add a repository. However I can’t find where to input in the address. I have found several instructions that say you should go to supervisor. There is no such entry in my menu. In fact I clicked a link that should have taken me to that spot in my menu (like this one for version and failed. There are so many different instructions and UI versions, I have no idea what to do. I looked into the spot where it is installed and I did not see the repository.yaml file.

You probably installed Home Assistant Container, and that does not have supervisor.

You can check your installation under settings → System → repairs → 3 dots in the corner → system information

Hi Francisp,

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I think you hit the nail on the head, I see I have Home Assistant Container, 2023.6.1. I also see where it has supervisor with the value of false.

This is all so new and very confusing, so I really appreciate your help! So what now? I can’t add repos?? I am limited to what adding I can use due to access. Am I just thinking about this all wrong?

Thanks again

there are only a few things the Supervisor does for you. One of which is allowing you to use add-ons.

But just because you can’t use add-ons doesn’t mean you are limited in any way at all.

Add-ons are just other normal docker containers for additional apps that have been modified to be more easily installed, configured and maintained by the Supervisor.

If you know how to use docker then you can do everything in normal docker that you can thru the Supervisor add-ons.

The only other real useful thing that I know of that the Supervisor offers is the backup and restore system. But you can do pretty much the same thing manually because you have full access to the host OS when you use HA Container that you don’t have when running HA OS.

So if you want full access to the host OS that HA is running on (maybe because you want to use the machine for other apps outside of HA, etc) and are moderately knowledgeable using docker then just stay with HA Container and run your own containers that are equivalent to the Supervisor add-ons.

Otherwise install HA OS.