Represent spot energy readings as running total, How?

I have a smart plug that I can switch on/off in Home Assistant and I can see the current wattage electricity usage. This data is updated every minute but it is only a spot reading, so it show the wattage at that current moment in time. There is no cumulative total, which I really need to obtain.

So, is there a way that I can collect these readings and collect them, total them up and then give a total value over the period of a day?

I’ve tried using the meter component but that just plots the figures over the day and makes no distinction for the week or monthly cycles and certainly doesn’T give me a total. I’ve also tried with InfluxDB but I cant seem to create a query that gives sensible results. So, for simplicity I’d like to start from scratch and would love to hear some suggestions and possibly even hear from someone whos managed to do something similar.

Eitherway, I’m really ready to try anything.



I’ve not come across this before. It looks like it should d the job, so I’m currently traing it out.