Reproducing radio signals from remotes?

Hello everyone. I am new to the home automation world. I am in the US and just got a new ceiling fan. Older fans and lights use one wall switch for powering the lights and the other to power the fan. The speed of the fan is controlled with a chain toggle. Newer fixtures have remotes that uses a remote control that sends RF to control them (not wifi, z-wave, zigbee, bluetooth). I am wondering if there is a way to use home assistant to control this type of device. In the past I had a HTPC and a IR receiver that I could record codes from my remote and then control the HTPC without the actual remote.

I am not necessarly looking to record the RF signal signals from my remote as I am looking for a solution to be able to control my new ceiling fan via Home Assistant. Any thoughts or pointers are much apperciated.
Thanks in advance


Sure there are devices like the broadlink remote controllers Broadlink - Home Assistant

Or an esp device via esphome Remote Transmitter — ESPHome

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Thank you so much. It looks like the Broadlink would work for my application.

Follow up to this. Got the broadlink however it only will do 433 or 315MHz. My remote i found out is 303MHz. Can someone recommend a more universal rf generator that could interact with home assistant? Would also be good if it was locally controlled and did’t need the cloud.