Repurposed Zipatiles running HomeHabit, powered by Home Assistant [of course :) ]

Just wanted to share the result of my little holiday project to break free from my aging Vera zwave infrastructure and migrate everything over to Home Assistant. I wanted to repurpose my old ZipaTiles that I already have installed in several parts of the house, and after some experimenting, I went ahead with HomeHabit. Home Assistant is running on an MSI Cubi mini-PC. I’m pulling all sensor readings from the Zipatiles by using Node-Red endpoints as I wasn’t able to get MQTT to work

So far, I’m very happy with the end result, HA’s stability and flexibility and I’m glad that I’m able to continue using my old Zipatiles.

Hope this is of interest to some other fellow ZipaTile owners that I’ve seen on these forums.


I have a couple of ZipaTiles that won’t stay running. The Zipato app crashes and they keep rebooting after a few minutes. What is involved with this re software running on the ZipaTile ? I would love to repurpose them.

I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply thanks in advanace.

Did you check Controller Settings → Cloudless Mode to make sure “Keep Offline” is enabled? This could be the reason why your zipatiles are rebooting.

Since the zipatile does not support Google Services you will have to sideload the free version of HomeHabit: ​How to install 3rd party apps on ZipaTile | Zipatile1 | Zipato support center