Req: screenshot on how to initiate cast local file to chromecast

Would be very happy if someone could share a screenshot on flow on how to initiate cast local file to chromecast and also a screenshot over the parameters for the chromecast node (see url to file).


{   "entity_id": "",   "media_content_id": "https://BASEURL:PORT/local/media/longwhitenoise.mp3",   "media_content_type": "audio/mp3" }

This help?

It would randomly stop playing for me in the middle of the night…

Thanks! Was thinking the “Cast” node should be used, never thought of this. Regarding the url, where have you put the local file - I don’t see any “local/media” (im running Hassio in docker)? I was able to stream a mp3 from the web.

I tried to raise the volume like below but got an api error, any idea what’s wrong?

{ “entity_id”: “”, “media_content_id”: “”, “media_content_type”: “audio/mp3”, “volume_level”: “0.20” }


www/ becomes local.

I wanted to use the HA Cast functionality because it was accessing a local file.
I don’t hate or like the built in Node-RED cast functionality… It just doesn’t identify speakers and groups as nicely.

I use one Node-RED cast node. I haven’t messed with volume or anything like that.
I find volume, start, and stop to be difficult regardless of which integration is used.

EDIT: Missed you error. I was getting errors too. I just kept rebuilding it and finally it worked.
I don’t know enough about services, maybe drop the volume to keep it simple at first.

Perfect! working nicely :slight_smile: the volume will sure b sorted out, thanks again!

I do that in a separate service call after the or before the content starts.

Ok are you using the volume_level in that service?

I am:

Great stuff, working nicely, thx!