Request: Allow admin to disable door-lock "unlock" action

For the more paranoid among us (or maybe just me), I would like to have the option to disable “unlock” of any lock from the interface if I wish. I still want the ability to lock a lock from the interface or through a script but I would like to have the option to disable unlocking from Home Assistant. As it stands, I don’t like the idea that if someone can access my home automation software by using a compromised account, to have the ability to unlock my front door.

I realize that there are numerous ways for my network to be hacked and so on but this seems like a relatively easy feature to have built into the lock component.

Think of it like child safety locks on a car - but in reverse. If I forget to lock my door, I can still have the automation system lock it remotely or through automation but I’d really like to remove or disable the unlock option. Maybe a config line in the configuration.yaml or config of the lock - something that isn’t directly editable in the web interface.

As far as I know there are currently no user permission levels in HA, just authentication. (username / password).
There may be some added rights for the first “owner” user. Otherwise, everybody with a login has complete access, currently.

That is true but the next release looks like it will start to incorporate user groups.

Aside from that, what I’m requesting isn’t really an access request but a configuration option request.