REQUEST Button in MQTT Discovery

It would be very useful for me to have a “Button” in the MQTT Discovery.
I need to have a “Button” that sends the payload “on” and “off” on pressing / releasing.
At the same time, it should also have the status and availability always read by an MQTT topic.


This can all be done in a Lovelace card.

As I said in the post and in the title, I need to have a “Button” found by MQTT discovery, not configured on a lovelace card.

I tried to use “MQTT Device Trigger” with poor results.

Maybe post your topic and payload here and the result of the mqtt device trigger? So we can help you find better results?

In the topic and payload I can put what I want.
My problem is to make a button appear in the mqtt integrations which every time I click sends an “on” payload.
Switches and sensors make them appear quietly.

Configuring your device’s discovery payload is not part of the home assistant developers realm of control. Speak with whoever designed the device.

Feature requests are for home assistant features.

You have a device with a button, and you want to create a mqtt discovery message for it ?
What topic does it send on, and what are the values for on and off ?

Are wanting a button on your screen, or are you trying to get a physical device to integrate as a switch?