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Request for "Breaking Changes" to be a stickied topic under configuration


This is pretty self explanatory. For those doing upgrades with multiple version jumps just trying to find the 1 change that throws an error can take forever not knowing which change to look for.

Either that or a wiki page all to itself with breaking changes.



This is the type of thing that would be easy to crowd source (i.e. don’t put the work on developers) - so maybe just follow Wikipedia’s “be bold” advice and find someplace logical to do it (either in the forums, or github wiki, or wherever).

Of course, being able to filter the list by component and/or release would be very, very handy.



This is handled by release notes. Each has a section with breaking changes. The above link has a list of all the release notes.



crazy, because this is what I was looking for and could never find. I still think just breaking changes needs to be broken out separately on its own.

For instance, this morning I had to hunt down and fix a change that had been in my config for almost 2 years now. Just to figure that one thing out I would like to just see the changes made, not having to go into every release and examine, see that what I’m searching for is not there, back out and start over in the next section.

It makes it even worse when the error you get just says error and points to nothing. Then you’re having to trace everything and go looking through every line of code because you can’t even fix what you don’t is wrong because you don’t know that it exists.



Don’t feel bad - pick one of those release notes and then open it. There is no way to click the “release-notes” category at the top of the release note. The only link to the category page that I could find is on the right hand side “menu” from the top-level blog: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/

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If you haven’t seen it, this is a different take on solving breaking changes: Custom_component: breaking_changes