Request for Calendar Component


i love the idea to get my future events and show it on the home-assistant frontend. And for the future it would be very nice if i could filter for some events with an automatically trigger like “bring out garbage” with an sonos play action or something else. Other trigger could be “Holiday” (switch heating off and lights on for one hour at the evening). The possibilities would be endless. This would be an really good home assistant.


@Bart274 is adding for support for iCloud calendars at the moment. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Thank you

Any hope for us struggling Android users? Like Google Calendar support? :slight_smile:


Any update on this? I’d be quite interested in a Google Calendar on the front end for HASS.

I would also really like to see a gcal integration on the front end of HASS also if it’s possible! Thanks very much!

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It would be so cool to have a tablet on the wall with the ‘family’ calendar from google on the front end and being able to see all the info from HASS at the same time.

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Google Calendar Integration would be awesome! :slight_smile:


Moved to Feature Requests so this can be voted on and seen by devs.

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If possible, Exchange calendar support would be great too.

Also, if there would be a way to integrate with the Google Travel Time component it could dynamically get the location of the next appointment and poll for the driving distance and calculate a time to leave. Life would be perfect! :wink:

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Presently we can put a Google Calendar in a Panel iFrame, correct? If so, I might try to give this a try this weekend for the time being.


Have there been any movement on the iCoud calendars?

Google calendar is finally here! However still no love for caldav users?

Can you just sync a google calendar to your caldav calendar? From what I have found most of them can talk to one another pretty well.

Thanks but I believe the main reason for people who use Caldav is they prefer to host their own data due to privacy concern. If I sync my events to google calendar, I might as well use Google calendar directly. It would be much simpler.

The calendar component was merged in 0.33. Closing this topic.