Request For Help: Adding a new UI-Lovelace-Minimalist Dashboard

TL;DR - I am trying to create a new dashboard using UI-Lovelace-Minimalist. I am able to register the dashboard and it appears in the sidebar, but any attempt to activate it displays the default dashboard. I suspect that HomeAssistant is generating the wrong Lovelace URL.


  • Installed Ui-Lovelace-Minimalist (ULM) via HACS. Sample dashboards show up in the sideboard and load correctly.

  • Using same folder as the sample dashboards, created a copy of the adaptive-dash and renamed dashboard configuration to ulm-dev/ulm-dev.yaml.

  • Modified ulm-dev.yaml and changes the views path attribute to “main” and various combinations thereof.

  • modified configuration.yaml and added the following entry:

  mode: storage
      mode: yaml
      title: ULM Dev
      icon: mdi:flower
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: ui_lovelace-minimalist/dashboard/ulm-dev/ulm-dev.yaml
  • Restarted HomeAssistant


  • New dashboard appears in sidebar.
  • Activating it results in loading my default (Overview) dashboard. URL is /ulm-dev/0

Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve spent hours of google searches and configuration attempts without any success. My guess is that the generated URL is incorrect.