Request for yeedi vacuum integration

Any chance we could get working yeedi vacuum integration somehow? I bought a Yeedi Mop Station and I love it!

As I understand Yeedi is a sister company of ecovacs; I have attempted to set up the vacuum through the ecovacs integration but there’s no dice.

I second that!


Me too! I love it!

so as I understand Yeedi and Ecovacs are the same, same mfg, sister companies, hardware is the same, i would assume the vac firmware is different. Hopefully this wouldn’t be too hard to setup

Looking for this as well

I second that!

I’ll throw another hat into the ring as someone that would like this intergration.

i follow this thread :smiley:

When using Google assitance, the authentication happend at user-login

hope this help. :slight_smile:

Yes please, been looking to integrate my yeedi vac for a while now.

While I was tinkering around with it I found that you can create an ecovacs account and pair a yeedi vac to the ecovacs app. You can even use the ecovacs home assitant integration and your yeedi vac will show up. Issue is, that the app does not support to control the vac and therefore home assistant is also unable to control the vacuum.
But it shows that ecovacs and yeedi a closely related, which gives me hopes that someone will be able to create an integration.