Request: Legrand Adorne WiFi Component


I am hoping someone would be willing to create a custom component for me to integrate my Legrand Adorne Dimmers/Switches (see here) into HA using the MR232 RS232 to RF interface (see here). It would function exactly like the Vera plugin currently functions (see here).

The protocol guide can be found here.

I currently have it somewhat working using the iTach Flex IP2SL and command line sensors/automations, but it’s not very reliable. One of the caveats of sending commands, is there must be no less than 5 seconds between them, which I have not found a way to do.

Here are the commands I currently use:

Get Group Status

- platform: command_line
    command: >-
      /bin/echo -e "STSG 3760\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
    name: Master Bedroom Recessed Lights Level
    #unit_of_measurement: "%"
    scan_interval: 10
    value_template: '{{ (value.split(", 0")[1] | int / 2.55) | round(0) }}'

Set Group/Room Brightness Level

  master_bedroom_lights_0: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,0,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_10: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,26,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_20: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,51,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_30: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,77,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_40: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,102,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_50: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,128,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_60: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,153,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_70: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,179,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_80: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,204,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_90: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,230,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2
  master_bedroom_lights_100: /bin/echo -e "RAMPR,1,255,50\r" | netcat 4999 -w2

Restart MR232

restart_legrand_mr232: /bin/echo -e "VER\r" | netcat 4999 -w2

I am willing to donate for someone’s time to get this built.



Bump! Pretty Please?

I’m beginning to try and integrate my adorns lights into HA. Did you get anywhere?

What if u put the commands in a shell script and call that script instead of calling them one by one from HA? That way the OS should execute them back to back quickly.

I ended up using Node-Red/MQTT… was a pain in the a** but works great

I’m going down the same path as I slowly migrate off my Vera to HA. It’s been a struggle.

Can you share any details on you solved this using Node-Red/MQTT?

I can share my flows with you, some of it isn’t pretty, but it works… I’ll export and attach them here

Here is a zip with all my flows and documentation for mr232 commands. You have to set each switch as a group, then replace what I have in my flows with your group numbers. I use an iTach flex to control the mr232. You need the mr232 (serial to wifi interface) for any of this to work. Hope that helps

That totally helps.

I like the idea of the iTach flex (more $$$ than I would have thought), although I may just try a USB to RS-232 adapter first (with the appropriate port mods) since my mr232 i/f is pretty much right next to my HA box.

Like so many things in the IoT world, I really like the Legrand hardware but the software support pretty much sucks. This should help me make it suck less.


Some success here as I have the MR 232 interface up and running and can see the current command traffic flow and all my groups.

Still working on trying to parse status of my switches / dimmers and reflect them in the UI but I am lurching ahead. And heck, I even got Mosquitto running on my Synology NAS!

The good news is that I can actually turn Legrand switches off and on using a combination of Node RED and MQTT ( thanks @codylv7 !). MQTT auto discovery did not persist, so it’s back to confguration.yaml. Still struggling with the dimmers since these are a bit more complex.

The major issue I’m fighting right now is the serial interface, specifically reading events. I started with the serial to TCP/IP gateway listed above, but it kept disconnecting from HA, so I switched to a serial to USB adapter on my Pi4.

In either case, at some point, my ability to receive data just goes away and I have to reboot HA. Dunno if it’s HA’s serial support, Node RED’s serial support or the MR-232 interface itself. But this level of reliability ain’t ready for prime time yet!