Request_location_update Notification Issue

I’ve been trying to use request_location_update in my notification to trigger a location update on demand but I’m having trouble getting it to work in both version 1.5 and the 2.0 beta.

In version 1.5, I’ve only had luck getting it to work when the app is actively open on the phone. While in version 2.0 (build 58), it works with the app closed as long as it’s running in the background. If the app is force closed, it stops responding to the request_location_update notifications.

I’m not sure if this is a limitation of iOS itself or a bug in the app that could be fixed. Other notifications continue to work fine even with the app force closed so maybe the request_location_update command can’t be passed to the app unless it’s actively running in the background. Any insight on this would be appreciated and great work on the app!

Please open GitHub issue

Thanks Robbie, will do!