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I don’t know if requests are allowed, if not, please delete.

I want to create an blueprint/automation to remind me to let the dogs out based on the last time they went out. I always let them out the back door, which has a sensor on it I can read from. I want to be reminded 3 hours after the last time the door was opened, providing the notification will only be between 8am and 10:30 pm AND I am currently at home to receive said notification. I don’t want to get a reminder at 3 am or if i am on vacation.

That’s a really specific use case for a blueprint. The idea of blueprints is having an easy way of sharing automations that fit the needs of various people.

Why don’t just start your Automation? Split your idea in parts (for example Start the"sensor opened" event and the notification as action. If it works, add a short delay on between. If that works, add the condition of you being home. Increase the delay to the time you want and your done.
Easy right? :grinning:

Requests go in #configuration:blueprints. You can edit your post.

Ok, thank you!!

So I assume you are new to HA ?

As @capstan1 says, it sounds like you want an automation to do this (don’t see what a blueprint has to do with it (I’m not a fan))
3 hours seems a bit frequent but that’s your choice (but it can keep its legs crossed for 9.5 hours at night ?)
Do you have a door sensor hooked ip to HA that it can see.?
What is its entity_id.?
Do you have notifications set up.? (if so what platform and how called.? I use telegram)

How would this work (I usually open the door, the dog would go out, I’d close the door, then when it comes back I’d open the door again to let it in, I’d then start the timer from the door shutting (so maybe 3 hrs from the last closure would be okay) )
Though how do you tell the difference between the dog and the kids opening the door ?
So do you want the first message at 08:00 ?
How would you handle restarts (must the timer survive to keep the 3 hour period) ?
What happens if HA is off (or restarting) when the 3 hours comes around ?

I actually created this exact kind of reminder framework already, it resets a date/time with a future time based on a programmed interval, then shows it in the UI. Since it is a time event, you can combine with a notification automation using that time as a trigger, with conditions based on time/vacation/etc to prevent it from being shown when you do not want it to.

Since you are using a door sensor, that can be used in a second automation to trigger the reset script. Now you can see the state of the next scheduled event in the UI, reset manually, reset from the door status, and alert you through automation if you do not let them out before that time.

I also have a separate general notification and alert framework designed that would be great for this, however it is not documented in the forum yet. It is designed primarily for Kodi users, and sends a notification to the Kodi UI, the user’s phones, and optionally to the persistent notifications tab in lovelace.

I am almost ready with my new master template code which I will post in that topic.

You would need to create the helper first, such as input_datetime.dogs_out
Templated code for the UI would look something like this:

type: 'custom:decluttering-card'
template: next_event
  - entity: input_datetime.dogs_out
  - name: Let out the dogs
  - icon: dog-side
  - interval: 10800
  - interval_text: Every 3 hours

The reset automation would call the reset script

service: script.script_set_timedate
  entity: input_datetime.dogs_out
  timedate: 10800

The initial morning reminder would need to be an additional trigger for the notification automation, since the time/date match would occur at an earlier time when the conditions for the automation prevent the notification. If you have “wake detection” that could do it, otherwise you can set to occur at 8am every day.

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