[Request] Rotary Switch Lovelace Card?


I’m fairly new to HomeAssistant, but do have a dev background. Before I go down the custom card rabbit role I figured I’d check to see if what I’m looking for already exists.

Has anyone build a rotary dial/switch control similar to this: https://www.jqueryscript.net/demo/Knob-Style-Rotary-Switch-Plugin-with-jQuery-rotarySwitch/ ? I’m thinking I’d like to use it as a “button” to control fan speeds. It doesn’t need to be quite as fancy as this example, (monochrome is fine) but ideally it would have 4 “stops” and on each stop make a service call (basically like a car fan switch).



I don’t believe there is an existing version of this.

Interesting idea. Would you use an input_number or input_select as the attached entity?