Request - SenseCAP API/Portal Integration?

So I’ve been unable to find an integration that works with my new SenseCAP T1000A LoRaWAN tracker. It works great with the SenseCAP Mate App and SenseCAP Portal, and there is even an API to connect to it all. But… my skills are not up to par on creating a new integration. Anyone up for a challenge of creating a new integration, or giving me some lessons on how to do it? Thanks for any help or ideas you all can provide. Here’s a link to the introduction page for the SenseCAP API - SenseCAP API Document

Strangely this is exactly what I am trying to do as well.
Have you tried going through this-:

I have and am stuck where it activates the sensors… The tutorial is good but you will find as I did it lacks explanation in a few places of how to do something.
If anyone else has managed this I would also be very interested.


Hi, did either of you manage to get this working? I was wondering if it could be possible to use The Things Network and use the Home Assistant TTN integration. I ran into issues as I cannot get my T1000-A sending data to TTN in Australia and wondered how you got on with tracking your T-1000’s?
The Things Network (TTN) - new adapter for v3 - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community (

After searching and searching I decided to give this a crack and I found it not so difficult using rest and and automation in Home Assistant if you are interested.

In my case T1000 tracker setup using SenseCap for TTN but I assume would be similar with SenseCap for Helium (or other).

1st setup API in the SenseCap Portal SENSECAP

2nd create multiple sensors in Home Assistant using the Rest Sensor

  - resource:<your_device_EUI>
    method: GET
    username: "API ID"
    password: "Access API keys"
    scan_interval: 5
      - name: T1000-A Latitude
        value_template: >
          {{[0].points[1].measurement_value }}
      - name: T1000-A Longitude
        value_template: >
          {{[0].points[0].measurement_value }}
      - name: T1000-A Time
        value_template: >
          {{[0].points[0].time }}

3rd with the sensors in Home Assistant setup an automation to track using service device_tracker.see

alias: Update T1000-A Position
description: Update T1000-A Position
  - platform: state
      - sensor.t1000_a_time
condition: []
  - service: device_tracker.see
      host_name: T1000-A
      dev_id: t1000
        - "{{ states('sensor.t1000_a_latitude') | float | round(6) }}"
        - "{{ states('sensor.t1000_a_longitude') | float | round(6) }}"
      gps_accuracy: 20
mode: single

And here you go

Hey Simon,
Sorry not replied sooner, I didnt get a notification for this for some reason.
Anyway, I am in NZ and still trying to fully integrate this into HA. We do use the M2 gateway and the outdoor gateway but they appear very different in setup. I have had some assistance from Seeed support and they confirm this and said the integration is based on the M2 platform.
So I have that working, with the integration and trackers etc but am now struggling to get the button press working. This seems to use a switch case and send any one of 8 events but using the SOS event entity.
Separating those is what is now doing my head in, discussed a bit on this thread
If you want to ask any questions about the HA side of things, fire away but I am no coding wizard…