Request some Z-Wave help

I currently running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi using HassOS. I’ve installed a ZST10 as my Z-Wave controller and the Z-Wave integration (not OpenZwave). I just have a few devices installed, a couple of window sensors a motion sensor, and a GD00Z-4 garage door opener. All are working except the GD00-4 which is seen as only a binary sensor and not a cover. It also doesn’t show if the Garage Door is open or closed. I’ve installed the GD00Z-4 as a secure node put a new battery in the tilt sensor and repaired the tilt sensor to the GD00Z-4. No affect. I seen no errors or even warnings in the ozw log.

In looking through the forums for a solution, I found problems with the GD00Z-4 going back to 2016 with a variety of recommended fixes. However, the fixes all seem to require a patch to older versions of HA.

So is there a fix or is this as good as I’m gong to get? Did I do something wrong or not complete a step?

Should I go to OpenZwave or will I still have the same problem? As a beta I’m not looking for more problems but if it fixes my problem, I’ll try it. I"m assuming I would need to first delete my existing Z-Wave integration; is there a recommended procedure for migration?

OK tonight I tried removing the GD00Z-4 node and re adding it. I did it twice and the second time I got the cover entity. I’m wondering if there was a problem the first couple of times that may have prevented it going secure or impacted it in some way. The only thing not working is remotely making the door go up and down.

Looks like my last problem is a hardware one with the GD00Z-4 and has nothing to do with Z-Wave. When I try to open/close the garage door from HA, I get the series of beeps from the controller but the door doesn’t move. The problems appears to be a failed relay on the GD00Z-4 circuit board. I posted this in case someone else with the same problem stumbles on these posts.