Request support for Miband from Xiaomi

Hi Guys,

MiBand is a very good smart band from Xiaomi with a very good battery (up to 30 days) and heart sensor, it will be great if you can add it to HASS.
So far I have found the following:

It looks promising and could integrate easily with HASS!



Do they have Wifi?

they are bluetooth.

Hi Guys,

Is there anyone who is working on this?


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Hi, I agree it would be great to have this integrated with HA.

Any news? :slight_smile:

would love this also

So what kind of support you are looking to have here? The device itself uses bluetooth le, so bluetooth_le_tracker could be used for tracking. Other than that, the mibanda library would need to be ported to be python3-compatible and a component would need to be created.

All my family have MiBand 2s and I can’t see what use it would be to link to HA? I don’t think they’re any good for bluetooth tracking as, mine at least, don’t broadcast their presence once paired and can only be paired to one device at a time.

I thought about some use cases for me:

  1. track myself within my flat and in case I’ve music playing, let the music follow me into the room, or depending on the time / lightning conditions, switch on the light.
  • this I can do already with the happy bubbles which can track my miband 2 quite nice
  1. Let homeassistant track my sleep status.
  • the mifit application detects when I fall asleep, when I’m in a deep sleep cycle and when in a light sleep cycle.
  • I would like to combine these informations with my sunrise and radio alarmclock the following way:
    • start sunrise alarmclock at specific time
    • check if I’m in the light sleep phase, if yes, start radio alarmclock (slowly increasing volume)
    • if alarm time is reached, and I’m still sleeping, start vibration of miband to really wake up.
  1. Use miband as alarm clock
  • similar to point 2, however if two persons are sleeping in the same room and have different times of getting up, I would like to use the vibration function of the miband to wake each person (or just the first person) up individually. The vibration could start pulsating in the deep sleep phase thus, slowly getting you into the light sleep phase. Once you hit the light sleep phase it vibrates constantly to wake you up.

For this to be able to work, I would need access to:

  • Sleep status
  • Vibration module
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Not a hass integration, but check out Sleep as Android if able. It supports most of what you are requesting.

No chance?

It requires someone to pick up the development of mibanda and to port it on python3 / make it python3 compatible. If someone is willing to work on this, it may be worth checking out what extra features (which may be useful to implement) are available in Gadgetbridge as there has been quite a bit of activity regarding to adding support for new features on that device.

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Just got my mi band today, would love to see this in HASS.

+1 for that!

Will it be posible to use Xiaomi Gateway (Aqara) or any of the other components from Xiaomi?

I wonder if it would be possible to use Gadgetbridge and pull something out of that?

Someone is working on a Gadgetbridge app for Nextcloud. Gadgetbridge is not yet collecting sleep data properly. But I would like to be able to correlate activity and sleep data with weather data, for example.

Has someone experience with the Huami Web API? (

It might be possible to develop a module to access directly the Huami Cloud and download the tracker data from there. With such a feature HA would support all Huami wearables such as Mi Band series, Amazfit ARC / PACE / EQUATOR / MOONBEAM and also future products.

Just want to add that you can combine mi band with MiBand 2 Func button app and Tasker to send up to 4 commands to HASS using HTTP post. 1;2;3 button taps and Lift Wrist actions are detected. I have double tap set to toggle my table lightstrip on and off