Request support for Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700/800 OTW flashing of Z-Wave Controller

Requesting support for flashing Silabs Z-Wave 700 series and 800 series firmware using OTW via UI.

Maybe support could be added to “Silicon Labs Flasher Add-on” to unify Silabs updates in one place?

Perhaps by adding native flashing support to Nabu Casa’s existing “Universal Silicon Labs Flasher” tool?

Anyway, I believe that this is a very relevant feature request now that Nabu Casa has joined the Z-Wave Alliance and is working towards Z-Wave certification of the Z-Wave JS integration in Home Assistant:

I also think this feature would be appropriate considering the new partnership between Silicon Labs and Nabu Casa:

After all, every single Z-Wave Controller SoC chip available today is designed and manufacturered by Silicon Labs:

Thus this enhancement feature request for Z-Wave OTW, to automatically enter bootloader mode and flash firmware GBL image.

FYI, Silicon Labs also already provides pre-built firmware image downloads for Z-Wave Controller via their Gecko SDK (GSDK):

Example, see all downloadable “zwave ncp serial api controller” GBL files for all Silabs supported Z-Wave chips today here:

Please consider adding support to flashing OTW firmware ZW Serial API Controller GBL updates on Z-Wave Controller USB sticks.

Same zwave OTW upgrade process and flash method for ZW SerialAPI Controller Firmware over UART serial interface should also be applicable to all Z-Wave Controller radio USB adapter dongles, radio modules, network-attached gateways, and SoCs.

Note! Z-Wave 500 series OTW programming is slightly different from Z-Wave 700 and Z-Wave 800 series which is the same:

For reference, Z-Wave JS UI app already has support for performing OTW (Over-The-Wire) firmware update of Z-Wave Controller.

PS: I believe enabling Z-Wave Controller OTW via Home Assistant’s frontend/UI would align well the forever motto of Home Assistant founders / Nabu Casa of always aiming for “Streamlining Experiences”?

Supported in HA since 2023.3.