Request to add Mini Zigbee Switch TMZ02


I just bought several TMZ-02 zigbee micro modules Switch ON/OFF:

I can see them in Deconz but I can’t integrate them in home assistant with Phoscon.

Anyone know how to integrate them? Or will they be with an upcoming update?

thanks in advance


Same here!
Thanks in advance…!

Are these switches (TMZ02) routers. They increase the range of the network Zigbee?

For the record that today I tried adding one to Home Assistant via ZHA and it worked out of the box, no issues.

@WojciechPokora : it shows as an EndDevice, not Router, so it won’t extend the Zigbee network. From what I’ve been researching (not an expert though) it seems all switches that don’t use a neutral wire are end devices vs. routers, IDK why.