Request to change to/add standard fan and swing modes for Daikin AC integration so they show up in HomeKit

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this is a request to change to/add standard fan and swing modes to the Daikin AC integration so that they show up in HomeKit via the official HomeKit integration. Currently, only hvac_modes and temperature can be controlled via HomeKit.

cc: @fredrike, @bdraco

Hey @fredrike, thought to drop you ping to remind you of this! :slight_smile:


That would be a really cool feature!

Hello @fredrike,

Also the “Dry” feature would be really useful via HomeKit integrations.
Don’t know if this is achivable.

Thank you!

I’m keen for this too as I have two new Daikin AirCons installed.

Hey @fredrike just thought I’d drop another ping. Any chance you’ll have an opportunity to look at this?

I’m sure everyone in this thread is aware of it but just in case you’re not…

To ‘solve’ this issue I run the following homebridge plugin and expose this to my ‘Home’:

I then run the official Daikin integration for exposure of the AC to Home Assistant.

I use both GUIs for control therefore I like having it exposed to both systems.
Yes this way means there’s two systems communicating with the AC but this doesn’t really matter…

My setup consists of HA OS running in Proxmox so whipping up a VM to run this homebridge plugin was super easy.

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I’ll try to find some time to adopt to standard names.


Thank you so much! :pray:

Is it possible for Vertical Swing options to be added “Floor Warming”? This is a new feature of Daikin’s floor standing units Perfera. In the original Onecta app it is available in Vertical Airflow Direction menu:

In this mode vertical flap of the indoor unit is closed and all airflow is through the lower floor outlet.
It is available only in HEAT mode.

This option was already added to the community Daikin Residential integration which is cloud based.
I assume as the official integration relies on local API and older A and B-series adapters this option might be not accessible via that hardware but at least it deserves a try :slight_smile:

Any updates on this ?

also keen to see if any updates on this - my Daikin AC unit isnt supported for this homebridge plugin, but keen to know if there is a workaround of HA plugin/script that can allow fan speed control via homekit

For the people who have new daikin airco (like me) they can use (also via Homebridge)

Hopefully, it will me intergrade with HA eventually.