Request to integrate the ClickUp platform

Would it be possible for someone to develop an integration with the [ClickUp platform] (, please? They have a well documented API and are planning to release even more features in the API soon.

I am trying to learn how to develop an integration, but am far too much of a novice to be able to create a good one.


There already seems to be some good work done by some smart individuals for this API. I hope some of this can help the effort required to integrate this product with home assistant easier.
Python library:
Node library:
Ruby library:
PHP library:

Bumping the thread one last time to check if anyone is willing to help :frowning:

Was there ever any assistance on this?

I’ve started using Clickup to manage my kid’s school work during COVID times. Would be nice to be able to script some things like “if homework tasks are due within 1 day, turn off wifi to kid game devices”.