Request: Zigma Aerio 300 device support

Hi everyone,
I hope this is the correct forum, since I wasn’t sure if requesting the possibility of a new integration would belong here.

When I searched for air Purifiers and test during the pandemic I found a lot of articles that praise the Zigma Air Purifier. I bought 2 and a third this month and really struggle finding information on any API or approach to get data from this devices, that simply sit in my wifi network.

Aren’t these purifiers as popular as I thought (or as the articles led me to believe)?:thinking:

This is the device:

It can be found from different suppliers for way less than the price listed on the website and for me it seems like a decent device. I lately upgraded the H13 filter for a H14 one.

Would love to get some insight or ideas on that topic. :relaxed:


I share the desire to control the device from Home Assistant, has anyone accomplished anything?