Requested entity was not found. This message is generated externally to Home Assistant

seeing this:

2020-12-11 09:19:30 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mobile_app.notify] Requested entity was not found. This message is generated externally to Home Assistant.

on a regular base, I think its happening when my device is closed/a sleep, though I am not sure. Ive always had the condition

      - condition: template
        value_template: >
          {{states('media_player.theboss') not in ['unknown','unavailable']}}

before any notification service, so to be sure it wont try to send notifications over a device which is unavailable. This works just perfectly, and in all cases, the notification is heard alright. So, tbh, I dont understand at all why the error is there in the first place, nothing else seems to be wrong…

Anyone with a hint please, as there is not much else to go on in the error, eg which entity it tries to find…

This particular error is that the push token for the device it is trying to notify isn’t valid anymore on the Firebase side of things (that’s what the “generated externally…” is trying to imply). Launching the app should update that, if you haven’t tried that. If that doesn’t work, resetting your push ID in App Configuration > Notifications may be a good thing to try.

Is there any way to tell which device this is referring to? I have 8 and there’s nothing in the logs on that

Or, could it be the Mac App?

update on the above:
I was able to conclude which of the mobile_app devices this was concerning, by setting log level to debug, and seeing the listed devices being ok. Only 1 was missing, and I had to ask the owner to rest Push-Id on that.

After which the error has disappeared and, on notifying, this devices showed up in the correctly handled devices.

This is ok for now, but it would be really much better if:

  • the logs were able to positively show which device is not reporting back as it should
  • an admin could reset Push ID remotely in the integration settings, not having to bother the device owner.

would this in any way be possible?