Requesting Location Update

I’m trying use request_location_update and then waiting as per the docs…

On success the sensor.last_update_trigger will change to "Push Notification".

- service: notify.mobile_app_my_phone
    message: request_location_update
- wait_template: >
    {{ states('sensor.mobile_app_my_phone_last_update_trigger') == 'Push Notification' }}

But I’m pretty sure I am doing something wrong (and that the docs maybe aren’t clear :wink:)

My last_update_trigger sensor always seems to be prefixed by and never has a ‘natural language’ suffix like ‘Push Notification’.

Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?

I think you may be confusing the iOS part of the docs vs android, take a look at the icons to see which section applies to which platform.

edit: for android if you would like to know when this notification was received on the device you can use the event

Thanks, I must have missed the Notification Received event, very useful!

Is there maybe a mistake in the docs?

ah yes that one sentence should be noted as iOS only, good catch :slight_smile: please feel free to edit the page with the button at the bottom so we can get it corrected.

Done, hopefully correctly :upside_down_face:

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