Rescue Mode in Proxmox

Good day, I have an issue where my instance of HA went onto “Rescue Mode”. I have tried all steps I could find on GitHub to no avail. The one step I followed was to stop systemd-journald, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to stop completely.

Is it possible to get this back up and running?
I have no back up of the server instance, but I did make a back up of HA in HA if I remember correctly. (Sorry I am very very new)

For anyone to assist you details of the hardware and the HA installation method are required at a minimum.

The Hardware is an i7 32gb RAM, 200gb SSD, running Proxmox. The installation method that I used was from a download from GitHub.

It is worth mentioning that my HA has been running for a while now without any issues. It seems like after the latest update my issue started.

check this thread: HASS OS 6.0 VDI => After Upgrade fails every boot: Failed to start grow file system on /mnt/data - #18 by agners

Yes, this is exactly what I tried. It seems like “systemd-journald” doesn’t stop properly. Because when you go to the next step it says “cannot unmount, volume in use”

I would guess the issue is disk/file corruption, due to RAM, SSD controller, FS issues. To be on the safe side I would create a new HA instance and restore the backup from the older instance.

You could also try: shutdown the VM, create a full-clone, start the clone, see if problem persists.

If new HAOS instance is OK, make certain you create a daily backup of the VM in Proxmox. I would guess the problem will come back to bite you at some time in the future.

Awesome, thank you. I will try and keep you posted.