Reset Bluetooth integration via Node-Red

I have an Airthings radon sensor that is connected to my HA via Bluetooth.

It works well for the most part, but becomes unavailable once or twice a day.

If I reset/reload the Bluetooth integration, it starts working again just fine.

Is there a way I can reload the Bluetooth via Node-Red?

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In a call service use the home assistant domain and reload config entry. Click the little load example bottom right corner to load an example of the data.

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Thank you, I was looking for the wrong domain.

Where can I find the entry_id for me Bluetooth config?

Also, in case anyone else comes across this post. The root issue is that my tp-link UB500 adapter is listed as not supported here: Bluetooth - Home Assistant

So the proper solution wold be to get a different adapter, but I am using what I have on-hand.

If you go to integrations and go to the device page for the bluetooth adapter, the last set of numbers/letters of the ip address should be the entry id.

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