Reset energy meter

I hve a couple Aeon HEM devices (clamp energy meters), and would like for Home Assistant to reset the kwh meter. Any way to do this?

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I’m also wondering whether it is possible to reset the accumulated energy consumption value of power metering Z-Wave devices from HA.

I have looked every where, tried a few thing with no luck. I see that has been 5 month and no other reply. I guess no one know, not even Aeotec.

I used to do this when I was using a Vera HUB. I haven’t added it in HA but this may help.

Perhaps someone can look at how Openhab resets the meter, to add the functionality to HomeAssistant. In my Openhab items file, the following resets the meter:

Switch energy_home_kWh_reset (EnergyMonthlyReset) {channel=“zwave:device:db0f6a55:node4:meter_reset”}

I apologize if reviving old threads is discouraged on this forum, but I have a solution for this problem.

In order to reset the cumulative kWh in the Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter you need to call the service zwave.reset_node_meters with the data {"node_id": <node>}. (For example, in my case my HEM is Node 2 so I send the service data {"node_id": 2}. The moment I called it is reflected in this graph of my history logs:

I made an automation with no trigger to see if it would work. In my automations.yaml, it looks like this:

- action:
  - data:
      node_id: 2
    service: zwave.reset_node_meters
  alias: Reset Home Energy Meter kWh
  condition: []
  id: '1513310745263'
  - event_data: {}
    event_type: ''
    platform: event

When I trigger this manually from the UI it resets the cumulative kWh on my HEM to zero. Now, if I can only find a way for this to automatically reset at the start of each billing period.

Hope this helps!


This worked perfectly for me, thanks!

@rstanley - I think this is an oldish thread, but I cannot get that to work. I issued the command, but it is still counting. I don’t see anything in the logs so not sure where to go. Is that ‘1513310745263’ number something specific to your install or is that across the board?

@danodemano You will need to adjust this to fit your device names etc. If you are using the automation editor, it will add the id: number.

Yeah I half figured it out. Not sure what is up with the automation code posted. I did change the node-id and it still wasn’t working. I moved it over into Node-Red anyway since that’s where most of my automations now live and this worked like a charm:


The automation code I posted was just what the built-in automation utility created when I gave it minimal configuration with no trigger. The long string of numbers is just the auto generated name. I made it no frills as an example because I just wanted to show what the service and data sections looked like.

If you’re used to using node red this method is probably like trying to build a house with a rock for a hammer.