Reset energy values

Hello everyone

With the November update Efergy integration changed to UI based. With that, somehow I had wrong readings and I had to change some things. Readings seems to be working good now.

The problem is that until I fixed it I got bad readings (as yo can see in picture).
Is there a way to reset energy values? I know there is a reset service for reseting the utility meters and I did that, but the values are already saved in the energy feature

I think i’ve found it. I had to edit the sql database manually to delete those rows.
If anyone need help with that just reply this topic!

Hi Javier,
What query did you use? I have deleted and or updated entries from statistics, states and statistics_short_term, but the issue always returns

It happened to me too, the next day the corrupted statistics showed up again.
If I remember correctly, I fixed it by editing the sql the next month of the corrupted month data.

Query just the normal delete and update

How did you edit the sql database manually? I have a single corrupt entry (row) that needs to get deleted. Any help is welcomed…