Reset HA After Power Cut

My specific query is as follows. We recently had a power cut when I was away from the property for some time. My other smart home tech restarted fine when the power was restored but the Home Assistant GEEKOM PC did not which left me unable to control many aspects of my smart home. On returning to the property l simply pressed the button on the NUC and everything started fine.
How do I make the GEEKOM PC automatically restart on the restoration of power to the unit? I am guessing it is a BIOS setting but I don’t know how to enter BIOS in HA. Hopefully you can help with this issue. Many thanks.

It is a BIOS setting and HA have nothing to do with that. HA is not running when the power is off.
You have to look into the manual for the hardware, but it might also be that it is just not available.