Reset my ODROID-N2+ loaded with "home assitant bundle"

Absolute beginner here. I was able to turn on my ODROID-N2+ loaded with “home assitant bundle” and had just successfully set it up to control my insteon hub. BUT - I logged out and can’t login again - seems I’ve bungled my username and/or password. I don’t have the expertise to reset the password via the console - can’t get the commands right.

I’d be fine to just do a “factory reset” on the ODROID-N2+ unit and repeat the process again OR use the console to reset the password. I tried following the “I’m locked out!” page here but can’t figure a way to get the commands right. If anyone could point me to an idiot-proof way to either totally reset my ODROID-N2+ or create a new user/password I’d appreciate it. I’ve only got as far as plugging in a keyboard and monitor to the ODROID-N2+ and I end up with the “ha>” prompt. How can I get from there to either of the things I’ve described?

If you have your user name and only forgot the password just reset it (try this first) in the console.
auth reset --username "YourUserName" --password "Your New Password"

If not you’ll have to use the console need to navigate to the ./storage folder and delete the files listed in the Start a new onboarding process section. I’m assuming you haven’t installed Samba or SSH otherwise you could just use one of those to access the file system. Once you get your blue back up - install these services (they are addons). They will make your life much easier when things go wrong.

So in the console…

Navigate to the storage folder
cd config/.storage

Remove the file listed in the directions
rm auth auth_provider.homeassistant onboarding hassio cloud

Here’s a decent unix file system tutorial if it helps.

Reflashing an odroid is a bit of a pain, so you’ll probably want to try everything else first.

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thanks much jazzyish! I had been trying that command but didn’t get it work until I added the quotes around the username and password thanks to your tip. I also had to shorten my username - I took the off and just went with the first part. I can’t remember if I used the entire email address. Anyway it’s all written down now. Thanks so much for the help!

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Glad you got it going! Don’t forget to install those addons and to mark this post as solved.