Reset power consumption in HA in energy tab

I migrated from Z-Wave to Z-Wave JS yesterday. When that was done, I re-added some of my z-wave power plugs to my energy tab, so that I can track the power consumption per device. When I did that, I noticed that one of my devices had a power consumption value of -21,474,729.32 (negative number).

To resolve that, in Z-Wave JS I clicked the “Reset accumulated values” button. That made the value go to zero. All good so far, but the result now is that under energy, my power consumption for that day, is 21,474,729.32 kWh. Because I got from that negative number to zero.

This will make al my long time graphs useless, so I am wondering if there is a way to delete this value. It’s ok for me if it resets to zero.

Thanks for that link. I run Home Assistant Container so I don’t know how to install that SQLite Web Add-On, but I will reply in the topic you suggested.

That won’t work. I already set it to 0. But because it was a negative number before, HA counts that as usage.

You will have to install SQLite web in it’s own container. That’s what you do when you run HA container. You manage your own additional programs instead of having add-ons provided for you.

Docker hub has it:

Weird, I searched for it on docker hub but couldn’t find it. Gues I made a typo or something, thanks!

I used google.