Reset / Re-acquire entity_id


A feature I am longing for a long time is to reset the entity_id, i.e., re-acquire the entity id from the ground truth source (e.g. Hue, Z-Wave JS, …).

Often, entities, such as lights are renamed. Renaming in the Hue App or Z-Wave JS is not propagated Home Assistant’s entity_id .

Concrete user story:

Recently, I moved to a new apartment and for that, many of my connected smart devices were also moved, e.g. “Light Kitchen” became “Light Bedroom”. I changed the name of devices in the e.g. Hue App or the Z-Wave JS UI. However, these changes were not reflected in the entitiy_id and therefore I had to perform these manually for quite some entities.

another user story

I buy a new light and add it to the hue system. HA immediately notices and gives that new device the entity id light.hue_aurelle_panel_1. Next thing I do in Hue is to rename it to “Kitchen Ceiling”. However, this rename is never reflected in the HA’s entity id.

This feature request is about adding a functionality to integration to explicitly request to re-read the entity id from the original source.

This should be explicit, as it has the potential to break automations or dashboards.

This was also requested in:

Best Regards and Thanks a lot!